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Electricity mostly runs along the outside of high-voltage grounding conductors. So, the middle of a conductor is a great place to add heatsinking, strength, theft-deterrence or increased service life to 'harden your grid'.

ArcAngel® and Century Grid are grounding (earthing) conductors that offer the best of both worlds: the strength and heat sinking of steel + the conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper. Copperweld CCS grounding solutions have been used in buried power grid applications since 1915.

Stingray (CCS) and Sunray (CCA) are our new power conductors. Stingray is used to power 5kV-38kV distribution pole top transformers. Sunray is used to conduct 2kV power from solar panels to their solar farm transformers (inverters). Both are custom bimetallic solutions that offer financial benefits.

Copperweld conductors stand strong against the elements, decades of wear and even copper thieves.

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High-strength conductor

Century is our flagship family of grounding conductors and structural cables that have been installed in the harshest environments for over 100 years. With twice the strength of copper, it is used in applications where high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and theft deterrence are required.

  • Product range: AWG #6 – 500 kcmil (MCM)
  • Voltage range: 800 kV (High) – 1 kV (Medium)
  • Construction: 19 - 1 Strands of CCS

Finish options:


Strength of steel. Conductivity of copper.

Soils in the US typically leach about 0.0005 mils (or 0.0000005 inches) per year from the surface of CCS. At 10 mils, that represents a 20,000 year service life!


Works like copper. Looks like steel.

Copperweld Camo™ is a 100% copper finish that uses a proprietary process to camoflauge grounding conductors from appearing like copper, a target for theft.


Hide your grounding conductor in plain sight.

Hide™ is a PVC jacket that provides sequential footage markings along the length of the cable insulation.


Flexible, High-Performance CCS Grounding

ArcAngel is an IEEE-compliant CCS grounding conductor for substation grounding applications where electrical performance is critical and flexibility is needed, while still offering all the benefits of our Century products.

  • Product range: AWG #6 – 500 kcmil (MCM)
  • Short circuit performance (kA) @ 500 ms: 14 / 28 / 44 / 52 / 73 / 101
  • Voltage range: 1 kV (Medium) – 800 kV (High)
  • Construction: 7, 19 or 61 strands of CCS


Flexible, Covered Stinger Wire for Pole-Top Transformers

Designed to reduce wildlife and incidental contact, Copperweld® Stingray™ wire is an easy-to-install, covered, CCS high-voltage cable for use between phase conductors and equipment bushings.

  • Product range: AWG #6 / AWG #4 / AWG #2
  • Voltage range (kV): 15 – 35
  • Construction: 1 or 7 strands of CCS jacketed with TPV


PV inter-panel power conductors

Sunray is the most energy-efficient, cost-efficient photovoltaic (PV) wire on the market. Our premium CCA conductors offer 3% greater efficiency than standard cables, which means more money in your pocket.

  • Product range: AWG #10 / AWG #8 / AWG #6
  • Voltage (Max): 2 kV
  • Construction: 7-strand CCA with XLPE


Theft-deterrent power conductors

Nighthawk street light wire for urban construction has little to no scrap value to a recycler, removing incentives for thieves to take it. It's XLPE jacket provides weather proofing, and the copper periphery allows the use of all standard street light connectors.

  • Product range: AWG #10 / AWG #8 / AWG #6
  • Ampacity (Amps): 35 / 45 / 55
  • Voltage (Max): 600 V
  • Construction: 7-strand CCA with XLPE jacket

Copperweld Power Grid Benefits

Fusing Resistance

Copperweld® grounding wire is a highly reliable bi-metallic conductor that takes advantage of the ‘skin effect’ of copper and the strength of steel for superior performance during a ground fault.

Fatigue Prevention

Shield wire connectors are susceptible to wind sway which vibrates, fatigues and breaks wire during storms. Copperweld® products provide greater strength and 2x the fatigue-resistance of plain copper.

Corrosion Protection

There’s a reason why you’ll find Copperweld® wires in the field that are still ASTM spec-compliant after 80+ years of service. Copperweld® brand wire is the most durable ground wire on the planet.

Theft Deterrence

Is copper theft an issue in your area? Copperweld’s metallurgically bonded conductors have extremely low street value, making it unattractive to copper thieves. 

Total Cost Reduction

Protect your power network, your equipment, your people and your pocket, too. With prices comparable to plain copper, Copperweld’s long service life means big savings over time.

Made in USA

Copperweld bimetallics have been made in the USA for over 100 years using the world’s highest-quality steel and aluminum and oxygen-free copper to provide superior reliability. 

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