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The World Leader in Bimetallic Wire

Copperweld is a bimetallic manufacturer specializing in power and grounding conductors for building construction, power grid, utilities, communications and transportation. For over 100 years, it has been our mission to make the most reliable and innovative wires on the market.

Copperweld’s metallurgical expertise and value-engineering approach have produced bimetallic products that revolutionized industries. Our world-wide network of facilities manufacture bimetallic power and grounding conductors originating in Copperweld’s facilities in the heart of the mid-south, USA.

The culture of excellence and innovation that inspired Copperweld’s first products over 100 years ago still drives us today. Our team of engineers is always looking for better ways to test, manufacture, optimize, customize, and support the products we deliver. We’re Wired to Protect.

The Benefits of Bimetallic Conductors

Valuable metals like copper are often wasted in certain conductor applications where the core is less critical to performance. Copperweld designs bimetallic conductors to put Copper Where It Counts: at connection points and along the periphery. This opens up a wide range of engineering possibilities for leveraging the core to create a conductor that goes beyond copper's capabilities.

Optimized Performance

Bimetals allow us to dial-in performance. Copperweld blends the characteristics of different metals into something uniquely suited to our customers' needs. In this way, we do not have to live with the limitations of traditional conductors. Need a conductor that is stronger or lighter or reduces theft incentives? The possibilities for fine tuning a bimetal's performance and mechanical specifications are nearly endless.

Trusted Reliability

Copperweld's bimetallic bonds are made to last. We use the world's highest quality metals and cutting-edge processes to improve reliability. And we rigorously test and refine our products to meet or exceed safety standards. As a result, our CCS products have been used in the harshest environments for over 100 years, and our CCA products have been trusted in safety-conscious applications for over half a century.

Reduced Theft Incentive

Educating a thief often takes only one lesson. Copperweld’s metallurgically bonded conductors have conveniently low street value, making them unattractive to copper thieves. If a thief carts a load of bimetals to his local recycler, he will leave embarrassed, empty handed and bimetal educated. If copper theft is an issue in your area, consider using Copperweld to reduce theft incentives.

Increased Sustainability

Bimetals make efficient use of valuable copper. As global copper supply shrinks and demand grows, conserving copper is critical. Copperweld's bimetallic conductors optimize the use of valuable copper, in some cases using only 1/6 the copper found in single-metal wire. Our popular CCA building wire has 2.7% lower impedance, translating to energy savings for home owners and less strain on the power grid.