About Copperweld

The world leader in bimetallic wire and cable

Copperweld is a bimetallic manufacturer specializing in power and grounding conductors for building construction, power grid, utilities, communications and transportation. For over 100 years, it has been our mission to make the most reliable and innovative wires on the market.

Copperweld’s metallurgical expertise and value-engineering approach have produced bimetallic products that revolutionized industries. Our world-wide network of facilities manufacture bimetallic power and grounding conductors originating in Copperweld’s facilities in the heart of the mid-south, USA.

The culture of excellence and innovation that inspired Copperweld’s first products over 100 years ago still drives us today. Our team of engineers is always looking for better ways to test, manufacture, optimize, customize, and support the products we deliver. We’re Wired to Protect.

Copperweld Product Lines


Building Wire

Upgrade Your Building Wire

Electrical conductors with all of copper’s best qualities (and more)

Copperweld® Building Wire is a Cu-Clad electrical conductor designed to meet and exceed copper standards. Designed with safety and longevity in mind, Copperweld® meets both ASTM and UL standards, and its lab performance exceeds its ratings in Code. With 8% more energy efficiency, it also runs cooler and reduces energy costs.

Reduced Theft Incentive

Copperweld's bimetallic bond reduces theft incentives.

Energy Efficient

When installed per NEC, CCA is the most energy-efficient conductor.

Code Compliant

NEC Code-Compliant for 600 Volt  branch circuit conductors.


Power Grid

Wired to Protect

Protecting the Power Grid for better safety and reduced downtime

Copperweld wire is 17% more reliable than standard copper wire. This reliability improvement takes into consideration the likelihood of wire breaks, loosening joints, theft, and wind fatigue after installation. There’s a reason why you’ll find Copperweld wires in the field that are still ASTM spec-compliant after 50+ years of service.


Protect yourself against a missing or broken ground.


Trust a conductor that’s more likely to be there when you need it.


Engineered to protect your PV equipment and your bottom line.



The Lightweight Champion

Higher mechanical strength and 10% lighter in a smaller bundle size

Optimize your vehicle’s power and signal distribution system for reduced weight, increased mechanical strength, and smaller bundle diameters. Copperweld’s proprietary Copper Clad Steel (CCS) and Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) wires make it the ideal solution for Primary Wire, Battery Cables and High-Voltage Cables in weight-conscious applications.

Primary Wire

Data, signal (CCS) and power (CCA) wiring with lower weight and material cost than copper

Battery Cable

Handles and connects like copper, while reducing weight and bundle size

High-Voltage Cable

Switch to traditional connection systems versus welding for lower weight and lower cost


Signal Wire

Engineered for Superior Reliability

Cost-saving copper alternative for communications and mining cable

Copperweld® Signal Wire’s annealed, high-carbon steel core provides superior impact resiliency with two times the tensile break-load strength of commodity copper. Its ability to stretch more than 15% allows it to accommodate ground movement, making it perfectly suited for underground construction and trench deployment applications.

Tracer Wire

Open-trench, integrated fiber and Innerduct wire offering superior strength and corrosion-resistance

Detonation Wire

CCS for better strength, flexibility and elongation in down-hole detonator applications

Coaxial Core

CCS and CCA coaxial cores offer unmatched cost performance and durability

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