Signal Wire

Reliable, efficient low-voltage signal conductors

Reliability comes in two flavors

Copperweld’s Signal Wire product line of solid, bare conductors provide wire and cable producers with the strongest, most reliable and cost-effective Copper-Clad Steel (CCS) and Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) mediums.

Our conductors are designed to efficiently propagate RF and low-voltage signals in utility asset locating, communications, mining/blasting and HVAC applications. 

Copperweld’s CCS has superior impact strength with two times the tensile break-load strength of solid copper.  A fully annealed, high-carbon steel core gives the product its resiliency, strength, and flexibility and can stretch more than 15% to accommodate ground movement due to traffic and seasonal environmental conditions.

The linear weight of our CCS is more than 10% lighter than solid copper which equates to lower freight expenses and ease of installation. Copperweld’s corrosion-resistant CCS, insulated with an appropriate weather-resistance thermoplastic, makes this bimetallic wire perfectly suited for direct-buried and outdoor deployments.

Copperweld’s CCA is produced from a patented cold-cladding technology that permanently bonds lightweight, flexible aluminum wire to a concentric layer of highly conductive copper to create components that combine the best qualities of both metals.  CCA has remarkable conductivity-to-weight ratio, at only 37% of the density of pure copper, making CCA more efficient to transport, handle and install.

Our CCA is as pliable as pure copper and uses 8000 Series aluminum and oxygen-free copper in a cladding process that is absent of any insulating oxides which is present with pure aluminum, making electrical connections more thermally stable, safer and reliable than pure aluminum.

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Tracer Wire

High-strength, corrosion-resistant CCS

Copperweld's durable embedded tracer wire is ideal for optical fiber cable and conduit/inner-duct manufacturers to integrate a reliable locate feature into their products.

  • Primarily CCS 21% conductivity conductors
  • Offered in high-strength and extra high-strength tempers
  • Common CCS diameters: solid, 24 and 18 to 10 AWG
  • Tracer Wire designs include:
  • Optical fiber cable with embedded tracer wire  
  • Thermoplastic inner-duct or conduit with embedded tracer wire

For embedded tracer wire:

Coaxial Cores

CCS and CCA central core conductors

Copperweld's central conductor for specialty coaxial cable ensures cable manufacturers maintain efficient propagation of RF and high-speed data transmission.

  • CCS coaxial cores:
  • Specified by UL 13
  • CCS 21%, 30% and 40% conductivity options
  • Solid conductor diameters: 18 to 4 AWG (eg. 75 Ohm coaxial)
  • CCA coaxial cores:
  • CCA 10% and 15% copper by volume
  • Solid conductor diameters: 18 to 4 AWG (eg. 75 Ohm coaxial)

For bare coaxial cores:

Detonation Wire

For mining blasting and pyrotechnic denotation

Designed for optimal reliability, Copperweld offers CCS and CCA wire options for detonation wire manufacturers. Our CCS wires offer superior strength and elongation. Our CCA wires offer lower resistance to reduce voltage drop.

  • CCS detonation wire:
  • Application: Downhole detonator wire
  • CCS 21% conductivity conductors
  • Solid conductor diameters: 22 to 16 AWG
  • CCA detonation wire:
  • Application: Surface/lead connectivity wires
  • CCA 10% copper by volume
  • Solid conductor diameter: 19 AWG

For bare detonation wire:

Thermostat Wire

Lightweight, low-resistance CCA

As an alternative to copper, CCA can now be used for HVAC thermostat application per UL 13. Copperweld CCA offers thermostat wire manufacturers a lighter-weight, lower-resistance option.

  • Applications: HVAC and thermostat wires
  • CCA 10% copper by volume
  • Solid conductor diameter: 16 AWG
  • Wire is specified by UL 13

For bare thermostat wire:

For Copperweld's insulated, finished Thermostat Cable:

Copperweld CCS Benefits

Impact Strength

Direct-buried and outdoor deployments endure extreme environmental stresses. Copperweld® products provides greater strength, resiliency and flexibility.

Corrosion Resistance

Copperweld® brand wire is the most durable ground wire on the planet — capable of remaining ASTM spec-compliant after 80+ years of service.

Theft Deterrence

Is copper theft an issue in your area? Copperweld’s metallurgically bonded conductors have extremely low street value, making it unattractive to copper thieves. 

Copperweld CCA Benefits

Energy Efficient

Better energy efficiency than standard copper signal wire conductors.

Easy to Install

CCA is lighter than copper and offers standard termination compatibility.

Proven Performance

CCA has 50 years of safe residential, commercial and industrial use.

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