On-call bimetals engineering services

Copperweld Engineering Services:

Custom Wire Design

Engineered for a purpose

Copperweld became a leader in the wire and cable industry by engineering wire differently.

Over a century ago, when the metals industry was peddling steel, copper, aluminum and other metals, Copperweld took a different approach. A ragtag group of Pennsylvania engineers and metallurgists worked to develop and refine copper-cladding processes that add strength and reduce corrosion for buried wire and cable. This engineering approach to wire manufacturing spurred a century-long saga of innovation that helped revolutionize multiple industries. Today, we continue that same spirit of innovation.

Need a conductor that is stronger or lighter or theft deterrent?  Our bimetallic conductors can be designed to be all of that and more. The possibilities for fine tuning a bimetal's performance and mechanical specifications are nearly endless.

Specification Support

Preferred bid specs

Copperweld routinely tests the performance of all our products in simulated real-world conditions to support engineers in their daily selection of the right materials. These results are captured in our product specifications.

Technical Support

Here to help

Copperweld has a knowledgeable and growing staff of wire and cable engineers who bring Southern charm and confidence to their work as a result of hands-on testing.

We are only just a phone call away. If you plan on being in the Nashville area, we love to host visitors, too.


Beyond standards

For some, receiving a compliance mark like UL or ETL is the high bar. For us, maintaining compliance to codes and standards is the minimum requirement.

We test and retest to refine and verify performance. As a result, our CCS products have been used in the harshest environments for 100 years. And CCA products have been in code for the most safety-conscious applications for over half a century.

Bimetals Recycling

CCA Sustainability Program

Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) building wire is growing in popularity for its ability to reduce theft incentives. Traditional consumer scrap channels—a copper thief's go-to—balk at accepting CCA scrap. That leaves the job to specialized sorting and scrapping operations.

To help with copper sustainability initiatives, Copperweld now offers a CCA Sustainability Program for the recovery of our building wire scrap, ensuring that Copperweld CCA scrap wire receives a second life.

Quotes and orders

Copperweld's friendly sales team is ready to fill your order or help you select products to deliver the performance you need.

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