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150V | Premium CCA Cable

The Copperweld Bell Wire Advantage

Premium CCA bell wire

Copperweld® Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) Bell Wire is a cost-stable alternative to copper conductors in Class 2, 150V bell wire cable applications covered by UL 13, the UL Standard for Power-Limited Circuit Cables. Disincentivizing pilferage and theft, it offers thieves only a small fraction of the scrap value of single-metal copper scrap.

Product overview


  • Class 2 power-limited circuit cable used for bell wire applications


  • Solid Copper Clad Aluminum (CCA) 10%, annealed conductors with 6 mils of PVC insulation
  • Conductors are jacketed with 15 mils of sunlight-resistant, riser-rated PVC


  • Rated at 150V per NEC Article 725, Class 2
  • Rated at 60°C Operating Temperature
  • ETL listed in US, Conforms to UL 13 - Standard for Safety Power-Limited Circuit Cable
  • Meets UL 1581 - Vertical Tray Flame Test (FT-1)
  • Type CL2 and CL2R

Identification, applications and usage

Copperweld® Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) Bell Wire is a cost-stable alternative for copper conductors in a Class 2, 150V bell wire applications covered by UL 13, the UL Standard for Power-Limited Circuit Cables.  Copperweld Bell Wire is identified for use with splice connectors and equipment terminals rated for Cu, Cu/Al and CO/ALR. When terminating with twist-on splice connectors, pre-twisting is not required. Torque until the wires are tight under the cap and visibly twisted together to ensure safe electrical contact. Do not exceed the number of wires per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Copperweld Bell Wire Product Offering








Jacket Color:


Insulation Colors:

Red, White

Outside Diameter (in):


Approx. Weight (lb/1000 ft)


Standard Packaging

500 ft Spool

Standard 48x48 Pallet Qty.


Copperweld Building Wire Benefits

Reduces Theft Incentive

CCA offers a fraction of the scrap value of copper building wire.

Energy Efficient

When sized per Code, CCA delivers improved energy efficiency over alternatives.

Easy to Install

CCA is lightweight, flexible, and terminates to standard torquing values.

Code Compliant

NEC compliant for 600 Volt residential branch circuit conductors since 1971.

Safety Tested

Listed for safety for use in general electrical wiring and branch circuits.

Proven Performance

CCA has 50 years of safe performance history in standard circuits.

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