Thermostat Wire

Lightweight, low-resistance CCA

For the long run

As a benefit of upsizing, Copperweld CCA thermostat wire lowers voltage drop for long feeds and offers greater copper surface contact area at termination points.

In March 2022, 16 AWG CCA was approved for Class 2 HVAC/Thermostat applications per UL 13. Thermostat manufacturers are now able to utilize our bare solid 16 AWG CCA conductors as an efficient alternative to 18 AWG copper in their finished cable constructions.

CCA efficiently transports low-voltage signals between HVAC system components and the thermostat—especially important in runs longer than 100 feet. Due to upsizing, CCA improves the efficiency of the conductor, electrically and mechanically. CCA also has remarkable conductivity-to-weight ratio, at only 37% of the density of pure copper, making bare CCA conductors more cost efficient to transport and finished cables easier to install.

Thermostat Wire product offering

Copperweld offers multitude of tracer wire options. Below is a list of our most popular wires. Contact our sales team to discuss your project needs and start a quote.

CCA 10% – Annealed

16 AWG




0.0508 in

Cross Sectional Area:

0.002027 in2 / 2,581 cmil

Nom. Copper Thickness:


Weight (lbs/1000 ft):


Max. DC Resistance (Ω/1000 ft)


For bare Thermostat Wire:

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For Copperweld's insulated, finished Thermostat Cable:

Copperweld CCA Benefits

Energy Efficient

Better energy efficiency than standard copper signal wire conductors.

Easy to Install

CCA is lighter than copper and offers standard termination compatibility.

Proven Performance

CCA has 50 years of safe residential, commercial and industrial use.

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