Resistance Wire

High-strength, corrosion-resistant CCS

Warming your assets

Conductors for heated seats applications are designed to have much higher resistance than traditional solid copper conductors. This “resistance” is then used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy in the form of “heat."

Copperweld CCS conductors provide significant benefits over typical copper alloys in tensile and break-load strength, making them the perfect choice for applications that involve stretching, bending, beating, heat and humidity. Copperweld’s CCS resistance wire is available in hard drawn or annealed at 21%, 30% and 40% conductivities to allow you to tailor the wire to fit your specific application.

Resistance Wire Product Offering

Copperweld can manufacture resistance wire to any specification. Contact our sales team to discuss your project needs and start a quote.

CCS Resistance Wire

36 AWG

Diameter (Min.):

24.5 CMA


0.0713 lb/1,000 ft

Elongation (Min):



0.937 lbs

DC Resistance at 20° C (Max):

1,058  Ω/km





Copperweld Automotive Benefits

Strength & Resiliency

Copperweld CCS's high-carbon steel core provides strength, flexibility and the ability to stretch more than 15% — perfect for applications subject to repetitive motion.


The linear weight of our CCS is more than 10% lighter than solid copper which can help lower overall vehicle weight, save on freight expenses and improve the ease of installation.


Copperweld CCA provides the weight savings achievable with aluminum wiring while offering the added convenience of standard copper connection sytems.

Energy Efficient

Equivalently sized Copperweld CCA provides a larger cross-sectional area, resulting in overall operating temperatures, which can improve long-term reliability.

Corrosion Resistance

Appropriately insulated Copperweld CCS is perfectly suited for severe environmental conditions involving salt, water and typical under-hood contaminants.

Theft Deterrent

Reduce costly in-factory wire theft. Copperweld’s metallurgically bonded conductors have extremely low street value, making it unattractive to copper thieves. 

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