Copperweld CCA
Building Wire

Engineered for better performance and efficiency

Upgrade your building wire

Copperweld® Building Wire is a Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) bimetallic conductor that, when installed to NEC requirements, offers greater current-carrying capacity than its alternatives.  Due to its specific rating in Code, Copperweld is arguably the most energy-efficient conductor in the market.  This offers cost-saving benefits to owners of homes and buildings, while also conserving energy for the good of society.  CCA de-incentivizes theft because of its nearly inseparable metallurgical bond and aluminum content.  As a result, CCA cannot be recycled using the same scrap channels as single-metal copper wire, greatly reducing wire theft.

Copper Where It Counts

Copper is a valuable resource. Copperweld building wire is engineered to put copper where it counts: at the points of termination and splices. In using less copper to deliver superior performance, Copperweld frees up valuable copper to be used in more society-critical applications than commodity wire and cable.  As a beneficial consequence of its bimetallic properties, Copperweld features built-in theft deterrence. Although fully recyclable, CCA scrap holds a small fraction of the value of single-metal copper scrap, making it much less desirable to copper thieves.

Reduces Theft Incentive

Metallugically bonded conductor results in lower scrap value, reducing theft incentives.

Energy Efficient

Better energy efficiency than standard residential branch circuit wiring.

Easy to Install

CCA is lighter than copper and offers standard termination compatibility.

50 years of trusted performance

Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) has powered building wire circuits for over half a century in the United States.  CCA is a safe alternative to copper for building wire.  Wiring methods made with CCA have been referenced in Code since 1972 for building wire applications.  Copperweld’s brand of Cu-clad building wire conductors have maintained product safety listings since 2018.  Due to its favorable ampacity rating in the NEC, Copperweld Building Wire runs more efficiently in circuits than its alternatives, allowing for lower heat at electrical connection points, which points to enhanced performance of household appliances and circuit components.

Code Compliant

NEC compliant for 600 Volt residential branch circuit conductors since 1972.

Safety Tested

Listed by UL and ETL to NM-B Standard UL 719 for residential electrical wire.

Proven Performance

CCA has 50 years of safe residential use with standard circuit components.

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