Copperweld Customers Talk About CCA Building Wire's Impact on Theft in Their Business

Dustin Smith
November 2, 2023

As global copper supply shrinks and demand grows, costly copper theft continues to rise. Residential construction sites are prime targets for copper theft, especially at night, when sites are left unsecured and vacated.

While substations have used CCS grounding conductors to reduce theft incentives for decades, builders and electrical contractors who purchase large volumes of building wire are turning to Copperweld's CCA products to help reduce cycle times and mitigate the costs associated with copper wire theft.
Copperweld’s metallurgically bonded CCA building wire has little scrap value, making it less attractive to copper thieves. If a thief carts a load of CCA wire to a local copper recycler, he will likely leave embarrassed, empty handed and bimetal educated.

What Copperweld Customers Are Saying…

“Theft has always been a challenge on our home construction sites, especially with copper wire, which frequently gets stolen.  The best way I found to eliminate wire theft was switching to Copperweld CCA. Since we started installing Copperweld building wire, we have basically eliminated wire theft.”
– Joe Strada, Owner, Strada Services

“Changing to Copperweld has been beneficial all around. On the company side, it's saved on loss of product; on the labor side, it's saved on doing the re-work; on the customer side, it's helped us finish homes faster. Since we started using Copperweld, it has eliminated most of our wire theft and rework issues. Most of what we see now is just vandalism."
– Ken White, Owner, WB Electric

“Utilizing Copperweld CCA products has saved Hi Power Electric significantly with wire theft in the field. Since we began using Copperweld, our wire counts have steadily declined, and our theft rates have dropped year over year. We recently had a break-in at a storage container, and our CCA wire rolls were left in place while other items were stolen.”
– Ryan McHugh, Owner, Hi Power Electric

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