Important Performance Differences Between Copper-Clad Aluminum and Aluminum

What the Data Shows in AC Impedance, DC Resistance and Splicing

Peter Graser
August 22, 2023

Are you sure you know the truth about CCA?

This ground-breaking new whitepaper, authored by Chuck Mello, is upending common misconceptions about CCA conductors.

About the Whitepaper:

Some in the electrical industry hold two beliefs about Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) conductors when used in power circuit applications. One of these beliefs is that conductors of CCA are just like single metal aluminum conductors and should therefore be treated in the same manner. The other belief is that at 60 Hz the current in small-circuit CCA conductors runs mainly in the copper layer, like a “skin effect,” rather than being distributed throughout the entire cross-section of the conductor. This white paper provides evidence that these beliefs are unfounded.

About Chuck Mello:

Chuck Mello has held several certifications in electrical system testing and presently holds an active Master Electrician license from the State of Colorado.  Chuck is a member of IAEI, IEEE and NFPA.  He served as the IAEI International President for the IAEI in 2011.  Chuck was a principal member of Code Making Panel 5 from 1996 to 2016.  He is a nationally recognized speaker on the NEC, grounding and bonding, high voltage power systems, electrical safety, and field evaluations.