Copperweld Conductors Are Out of This World, Literally!

Dustin Smith
December 14, 2023

You may know that Copperweld wire and cable have been used in the harshest conditions on earth for over 100 years. But you might not be aware that Copperweld is used in some of the most unforgiving environments in the solar system, too.

For over a century Copperweld products have been trusted in applications where strength and reliability are essential. In WWII, Copperweld signal wire was deployed for warzone communication transmissions in the Pacific theater. Copperweld’s stranded cables have even been installed for purely structural applications, as well, like fortifying levees along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River.

Despite Copperweld’s impressive resume of applications on the ‘home planet’, many people are not aware that Copperweld wires have been utilized in several space missions. Did you know that Copperweld conductors were used on the Mars Rover and the Hubble Space Telescope?

Extreme temperature variations, vibrations, shock, radiation, outgassing, and micro-meteoroids — space deployments present a set of challenges you won’t encounter anywhere on earth. Engineers designing for these complications require materials that can withstand severe conditions for prolonged periods without needing repair.

Copperweld is honored that our conductors were selected for these mission-critical projects.