Copperweld + Deako

Disruptive Technologies Change the New Home Landscape

Dustin Smith
April 4, 2024

“The Copperweld team is excited to team up with Deako in the rollout of a revolutionary new wiring solution for home builders and homeowners: Deako’s Universal Backplate together with Copperweld’s energy-efficient, copper-conserving building wire. It’s never been easier to install a smart home wiring system.”

– Dustin Smith, Copperweld CCO

Deako Universal Backplate

The Deako Universal Backplate redefines the possibilities for home lighting by providing significant flexibility and compatibility through a universal wiring system. The Deako Universal Backplate is listed for use with copper-clad aluminum building wire. The product is installed during electrical trim into a standard junction box and unlocks the Deako modular system.

Copperweld CCA Building Wire

Copperweld CCA Building Wire is also making waves in the building wire market. It offers benefits over solid copper such as price stability, energy efficiency, copper conservation, and reduced theft incentives. Large homebuilders and electrical contractors agree — seeing big benefits from ease of installation all the way to their bottom line.

“As time goes on, you’re going to see Copperweld Building Wire and Deako switches be a standard in every home.”

– Joe Strada, Strada Services CEO and Founder

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