Copperweld Metal-Clad Cable

Dustin Smith
January 12, 2024

Copperweld’s Copper-Clad Aluminum (CCA) Metal-Clad (MC) cable is a cost-stable, energy-efficient alternative to single-metal conductor homeruns paired with conduit.

Conforming to Article 330 in the NEC, Copperweld CCA Metal-Clad Cable can be used anywhere that traditional metal-clad cable can be installed. Copperweld CCA Metal-Clad Cable is cable-tray (CT) rated and can support existing and new branch, feeder and service circuits according to Articles 230-243.

Cost Stable

Copperweld CCA MC Cable uses 1/6th the amount of copper when upsized two AWG sizes against copper conductors, as is required by the NEC for most electrical circuits. This upsizing allows CCA to provide comparable electrical performance to equivalently rated copper conductors while reducing exposure to volatile price fluctuations experienced with copper MC cable.

Energy Efficient

CCA conductors are the most electrically efficient of the three building wire conductor materials permitted by the NEC when installed per Code, providing up to 2.7% more energy efficiency over copper conductors for commercial tenants and building owners.

Easy to Use

Copperweld CCA Metal-Clad Cable weighs less than copper metal-clad cables of equivalent ampacity. Copperweld CCA Metal-Clad Cable's reduced weight makes it easier to carry around the job site, and it is noticeably more flexible, too.

Reduces Theft Incentives

With the rising cost of materials and limited labor capacity, wire theft continues to be a topic of great importance to builders and contractors. Copperweld's CCA Metal-Clad Cable reduces wire theft incentives at schedule-sensitive commercial job sites. CCA scrap offers copper thieves only a small fraction of the price they expect from single-metal copper scrap, reducing incentives for theft.

Product offering:

  • 12 AWG: 12/2, 12/3, 12/4
  • 10 AWG: 10/2, 10/3, 10/4
  • 8 AWG: 8/2, 8/3
For product specs, identification, applications, usage or additional information, visit our website or contact your local Copperweld sales agent.
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