Taking the Heat: IEEE Standard 80 and Bimetallic Conductors

Jeff Jordan
November 15, 2022

As a lead-in to the landmark inclusion of updated CCS data in CDEGs design software, SES engineers and Copperweld's Jeff Jordan just released a whitepaper that upends outdated substation design assumptions.

IEEE Standard 80-2013 provides the substation grounding system designer with simple formula and tabulated data for the estimation of the maximum fault current that can flow through various types and sizes of conductors. But, while copper conductors are given exhaustive treatment, other types of conductors (eg. CCS) have been snubbed.

Computer modeling and lab testing have demonstrated that the non-linear heat absorption characteristics of a CCS core, when properly considered, yield considerably different fault current-carrying capacity than IEEE Standard 80-2013 would lead design engineers to expect.

Check out "Taking the Heat: IEEE Standard 80 and Bimetallic Conductors."
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