CDEGs Design Software now includes bimetallic conductors like ArcAngel!

Jeff Jordan
November 15, 2022

Substation designers can now explore effective Copper-Clad Steel (CCS) ground grid designs more easily.

Today’s most popular grounding design software, CDEGS, has been updated to include buried bimetallic conductors like Copperweld ArcAngel in its new CDEGS v18 release. CDEGS v18 adds an empirically based methodology for the proper calculation of CCS current-carrying limits that accounts for the heat-sinking benefit of CCS's steel core.

The new CDEGS v18 calculation methodology is based on a multi-year test program conducted by Copperweld that is influencing IEEE standards, top design software developers and electric engineers throughout the electric utility industry. The new design tools permit the development of bimetallic ground grid designs that are better mechanically, thermally, electrically, and financially!

This is a big deal for Copperweld and the future of substation design.
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