Copperweld is celebrating 107 years of proven performance!

Dustin Smith
April 7, 2022

Few companies in the electrical industry can claim a history as long and heralded as Copperweld. This speaks not only to the endurance of copper bimetals, but also to Copperweld’s commitment to innovation and reliability.

Founded in 1915 in Rankin, Pennsylvania, Copperweld pioneered the development of non-structural grounding electrodes.  Only a few years after the company’s founding, and in response to the public’s growing demand for electrical safety in the home and workplace, Copperweld invented the ground rod in 1918 — the original copper-cladded steel ground rod!  Over the ensuing decades, as the process grew and evolved, Copperweld ground rods went on to revolutionize the practice of electrical grounding throughout the world.  Today, copper-clad ground rods are an essential part of the world’s power infrastructure — protecting­ utility, commercial, industrial and residential installations.Copperweld continues its pioneering spirit.  Launched in 2018, one hundred years after the Copperweld ground rod, Copperweld building wire offers value in cost stability, theft reduction and energy efficiency.  Efficiency is paramount as society conserves copper for the next century of sustainability.  Copperweld conductors are rated to transport an equivalent amount of power using only 1/6th the amount of copper as the same-rated, single-metal copper conductors.  Using Copperweld leaves more copper available for use in copper-dependent applications like electric vehicle (EV) motors and wind turbines. As the rate of copper theft continues to accelerate, many of our customers report that Copperweld Building Wire reduces theft.

Expanding the capacity of metals is our mission. Engineering them to do more is what we’ve done for over a century.
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